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As an entrepreneur, you have many stories to tell about the individual behind your brand. One might be that you work from home, in which case we will take photos of you at your computer. Another might be that you love to cook with your children in your downtime, so we’ll get photos of that too. Whatever your story is, I’m here to capture it in a way that shows the person behind your brand authentically.


I’ve created this personal branding guide to help you plan for your session and show up confident and ready to have some incredible images captured of you. I’ve included my tips and suggestions to help you plan your personal branding shoot.

1. Make a list of your goals for the photoshoot

Creating photos for your online brand is more than just a photoshoot.

It's setting your personal brand or online business up for success.

Without having a clear intent, you can't be sure that your photos will achieve the desired result.

  • Are you rebranding?

  • Are you launching a new ebook, course, or product?

  • Or are you about to launch your first business and need photos that attract your dream customer?

Once you know the WHY, you can start mapping out the details that will visually bring your intent to life.

2. List Out Where the Photos Are Going to be Used

Will you be using your photos for Instagram? Facebook? Your website? Business cards? Etc.

Images for the web need to be WIDE/landscape.

For example: you might need a banner image for your newsletter or landing page, detailed shots of your products for an online course, or personalized stock images for your sales page or blog.

By keeping the WHERE in mind when planning your personal brand photoshoot, you'll have a range of content that will suit all of your marketing needs.

3. Create a Mood Board for Your Personal Brand Photoshoot

Mood boards are a powerful, visual way to help you achieve the right look for your brand. This is SO key.

Not only will I know what you're looking for, but it will make styling your shoot so much easier.

Where's the best place to find inspiration and create a mood board? Pinterest!

Don't you love it when prepping your business for success gives you an excuse to pin to your heart's content?

Here’s how:

  • Create a board and fill it with images that you LOVE. What stands out to you?

  • What’s your personal style already like? Find images that represent that you and your brand.

  • Add color palettes that resonate with you and represent your brand.

  • Find objects that help to communicate the message you want to send to your ideal clients.

  • Choose destinations of your dream photoshoot location.

You can use my Pinterest boards to collect pictures of the types of shots that you want captured and to give you ideas.

For example:

  • You in the distance, framed to be in the bottom right

  • Smiling headshot looking at the camera

  • Waist up, looking to the left in surprise

  • You in your zone working (on your laptop, holding a cup of coffee, etc.)

All of this will help make sure that we are on the same page and you get the images you want.

Here are the links to my Pinterest boards:

4. Put Together a Detailed Shot List / Plan the Details

After determining the style & look your going for, put together the details! Plan out which location you think would be best, what wardrobe you’re going to wear, and what props you’re going to need. What outfits do you want to use for your headshots, and for your lifestyle portraits? Do you want to show some of the behind the scenes of your business? What props do you need to bring for that? What details will help you tell your brand story? Remember, talking with your photographer can help you decide which locations & outfits & props would be best!

A shot list is the BEST way to make sure your personal brand photo shoot meets your expectations.

What you'll have left is a bonafide plan that matches your color palette, style and personality. You can do so by just writing the poses down in your Notes on your phone or on a piece of paper, whatever works best for you.

Here’s a detailed list of some suggested poses for branding shoots:

OV Photography
OV Photography

Here’s a few extra ways you can use branded photos:

  • Instagram bio photo

  • IGTV video thumbnail

  • Instagram highlight button

  • Instagram posts

  • Twitter header

  • YouTube header / YouTube video thumbnail

  • Facebooks Ads & Instagram Ads

  • LinkedIn Ads / LinkedIn articles

  • Pinterest graphics

  • Book cover/book bio photo

  • Podcast graphics

  • Bio headshots for website

  • Photos for website

  • Newsletter header

  • Newsletter photos

  • Pricing guides

  • Business related opt-ins/free resources

  • Promotional pamphlets/ flyers

  • Business cards

  • Advertising

  • Blog posts

  • Facebook header

  • Facebook bio photo

This posing guide is merely a guide to ensure you get the types of photos you need. Don’t worry, I am always creative and savvy enough to capture beautiful images, but if you need photos to fulfill a specific need, be sure to let me know in advance.

For example, if you want a bio photo for your FB page header, I will capture the photo at a distance to ensure that the photo works well for FB page header dimensions. It’s totally okay to explain to me why you need photos shot a specific way, but once you outline your needs, turn the responsibility over to me so I can execute in an artistic way that leaves you breathless.

5. Gather Props That Illustrate What You Do

Now that you know exactly what you'll need for every single shot, it's time for the fun part - SHOPPING!

If you don't have some of the items on hand already, you'll need to source them elsewhere.

But that doesn't mean you have to drop a lot of money.

If you can't find what you're looking for on costume rental sites or places like Amazon or eBay, try your hand at the ol’ DIY (do it yourself).

6. Plan Your Outfits

What you wear on set will make or break your personal brand photoshoot.

Your outfits will communicate to your audience who you are, what you stand for and your brand's message.
Go into your closet and pull every item that matches or compliments your brand colors.

Next, think about accessories that can help you further your message.

For example: if you want to help other people stand out, consider wearing a statement piece. This can be a bold necklace, dramatic earrings or a pair of striking heels.

Don't wear a blazer just because you think it will make you look professional.

Choose items that make you feel comfortable, confident and scream YOU.

This way, you’ll attract people who like you for your own unique vibe.

For personal brand shoots, I recommend bringing 2-4 outfits to use during your shoot. This will help you have variety in your photos to use on your website and in social media marketing! Also think about what outfits you would like to wear in which shots. For example, if you’re a painter, you can wear professional business attire in your headshots, but your painting clothes or apron in your behind the scenes.

Pulling it all together

Now you’re ready to plan, organize and execute your branding photo shoot. Yes, boo, you’re ready to showcase your business online in a way that truly reflects your vision and style. The best news is that you’ll be able to use these images on social media as a way to connect with your followers. Your photo shoot will empower you to engage in a deeper way and build trust with customers as they understand more about what makes your business special.


What to expect:

Just bring your fabulous self and I'll take care of rest.

Here’s a handful of things you can stop worrying about....

  • I'll never look like those celebrities and models in the magazine. (Actually, you can. And you will.)

  • I’ve got nothing to wear. (I’m here to help with any styling tips to guide you every step of the way if you need me to.)

  • I can’t do this. (Big breath. I’ll show you exactly how—hand-holding included.)

We’ll start with a simple questionnaire and visual branding strategy session to get clear on who your clients are, who you are, and what kind of brand statement you want to make. We can talk about how we’ll use your photo shoot to capture your personal style and share your message.

Next, I’ll help you pull together the “look” you’re going for by helping you with your brand styling—everything from wardrobe to location to props. You’ll also receive a photoshoot prep email that tells you everything you need to know before your shoot once we’ve figured all the details out (date and time of your shoot, what location, etc.). And because I’m such a hands-on gal, I’ll review outfit choices with you (even if you want to text me photos from the dressing room) and be available for unlimited support by email or text right up to the day of your photo shoot!

That’s it!

I can’t wait for your session! We are going to capture some badass boss babe photos to elevate your personal brand, and I am so excited! If you have any questions or concerns, I’m always here for ya!