Cozy Studio Couples Session // Abby + Tyler


This cozy studio couples session with Abby and Tyler couldn’t have been more cozy and romantic. They came into the session excited and a little nervous since they’ve never had a couples photoshoot before, but they were also very excited! I asked them what they had in mind for their session, what kind of outfits they brought, and how they were feeling to help them get prepared. I asked what kind of music they like and then played the perfect playlist on Spotify so they can feel 100% comfortable and enjoy their vibe. They had a couple different outfits, which I LOVED because it gave them so many different looks for their photos. Keep scrolling to view their session!

I captured their session at City Studio in downtown St. Louis. It’s located right across the street from the City Museum and I thought it was really awesome that we had a perfect view of the museum from the studio (you’ll see it in some of their photos). Abby and Tyler were such a good vibe to be around and they are so perfect for each other!

The best feeling as a photographer is when your clients trust you. Once they fully trust me, they can be themselves in front of my camera and when they do that, it allows me to capture their true selves, their personalities, and all those other in-between moments. I always focus on creating the best possible experience for my clients from the start. I do this by allowing them to just enjoy each other’s company and to think of their session as a date with their love while I’m basically a third-wheel who captures all their lovey-dovey moments without them even realizing it half the time because they’re so into each other. When I focus on creating a chill, laid-back, and fun experience, it allows my clients to become more comfortable with having their photos taken, which then allows me to capture their true selves rather than making them pose an awkward way that feels uncomfortable for them. 

My favorite part about photographing couples is allowing them to just fully be present in the moment together, enjoy each other’s company, make quirky jokes, hold hands, hug tightly, and kiss spontaneously. I want all the little things that make every couple unique to shine through in their images. I believe the only way to do this is to get to know them a little better, allow them to be comfortable with anything they wish to do, and creating the best possible experience for them that they will never forget. My biggest goal when delivering a couples session is for my clients to relive their fun adventures together when looking through their photos. I want my couples to feel joy, excitement, and love when they receive their photos because that matters more than just seeing a great photo of yourself that has no meaning behind it.




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