Q: How does the booking process work?

A: If you'd like to book a session, send me an inquiry and then I'll have you fill out a client questionnaire that helps me get to know you a little more and what you're looking to get out of your session. 

Q: Is there a deposit required?

A: Yes, a $50 deposit is required to hold your session date and it goes toward your total balance. It is only non-refundable in the event you cancel your session without rescheduling. 


Q: How many outfit changes can I have? 

A: You can have as many outfit changes as you'd like, but do remember to plan accordingly because you only have a certain amount of time depending on which portrait package you select. 


Q: What should I wear to the session?

A: Whatever you want, of course, but try to avoid really bright colors, wear something you'll be comfortable in, and try to color coordinate your outfit to match. It is important that you're comfortable in what you're wearing because it will show in photos if you are or not, so it's best to wear something you're comfortable in!


Q: How long do I wait until I receive my images?

A: Anywhere from 1 week to 2 weeks. All depending on what session and/or how many you've booked.