- Mujakic Family

“The OV Photography IG page inspired me to get in touch with Vasva because her photography was outstanding. I was looking for family picture portraits and she is able to capture images from all different angles...single, family, events, etc. She can make it work with her camera. The entire experience was great. We had a bit of a dilemma due to weather possibilities that showed a chance of rain. I was kinda skeptical about going out that day because of my 1-year old, but Vasva reached out to me and was very honest about the chance of rain, muddy grounds, and things that haven't even cross my mind. She wanted to make sure that our family pictures were PERFECT. It was so easy to reschedule. The day of... we got to push our time later because the lighting would be better.. She literally knows what she is doing. The sessions wasn't short or too long. She talked to my little Daniel like she knew him from before and got him to smile in pictures (while in his stranger-danger phase). The final edits were difficult to pick in the end because they were all so beautiful!”